• Connecting Your Brand to the Chinese Community

    North America’s #1 Chinese Streaming TV

Market Size

300,000+ Households in North America

Brand Awareness

Hundreds of Successful Multicultural Campaigns reaching the Chinese- Canadian Community


Connect With Over 1 Million Individuals With Strong Purchasing Power

Why iTalkBB Media

Effective Marketing Solutions Targeting Chinese Canadians

iTalkBB is the #1 platform for streaming of licensed Chinese content in North America. We provide users with access to the hottest Chinese movies, TV series and variety shows on demand. With this platform, we can help target your communications to our primary demographic of Chinese-Canadians, in a concentrated way.

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We partner with agencies, brands and local businesses to effectively promote products and services tailored to our viewers’ needs and wants.
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iTalkBB Media can help tell your story to the right audience with our targeted networks. Ask us for more details on how we can take your brand to our audience.