Case Study: Johnson & Johnson- Tylenol for Chinese New Year

Tylenol is a worldwide leader in pain medication. The brand aspired to increase their cultural relevancy to ultimately drive sales and engage existing customers. Thus, Tylenol partnered with TalkBB Media to utilize their strong influence within the Chinese community to reach their desired customers. During Chinese New Year, The Spring Festival Show is one of the most important programs for Chinese people. iTalkBB Chinese TV is the only authorized Chinese media company in North America to broadcast “Chun Wan” Programs. “Chun Wan” is a high-profile event and consists of large-scale variety TV shows streamed during Chinese New Year, including singing, stand-up comedy, dancing, and acrobatic performances. By leveraging above-average viewership lengths as well as an amplified viewer audience, Tylenol successfully increased their brand awareness within the Chinese community.


Case Study: CIBC Chinese New Year Golden Coin

CIBC is currently ranked the strongest bank in Canada. CIBC expressed desire to build relationships with the Chinese market and work in strategic partnership with iTalkBB Media during Chinese New Year to promote a “Lucky Draw Campaign”. A multi-dimensional strategy was used to successfully achieve both online and offline interactions with the Chinese-Canadian community. In order to efficiently promote this event, iTalkBB Media leveraged their targeted reach on the iTalkBB TV platform, with a 30 second TVC ad. iTalkBB Media was able to further the digital reach through social media by partnering with influential official WeChat accounts to authentically reach their target audience. To increase CIBC’s offline presence, a Chinese New Year event was hosted in a popular Chinese shopping center. This campaign was carefully executed with branded materials, live entertainment and interactive activities to maximize their exposure and garner engagement.

Offline Events

Case Study: Cineplex Advance Screening Collaboration

iTalkBB Media’s unique advertising solutions can help businesses take online engagement, offline. The client’s objective was to promote the use of its Global Money Transfer service to Chinese consumers living in Canada. Leveraging the exclusive rights to Chinese blockbuster content, iTalkBB worked in partnership with Cineplex as well as a major bank to host an advanced screening of a popular Chinese movie. The promotion of the event used multi-media avenues to reach the relevant audience. Traditional media included popular Chinese newspapers such as Singtao Daily and Metro News as well as our unique and targeted iTalkBB TV platform where we created and promoted a 30 second TVC ad. Utilizing social media, iTalkBB was able to generate buzz as well as engage and select contestants to attend the private event through collaborating with official WeChat accounts to garner authentic interest from a relevant audience. The selection process included the use of questionnaires to determine the probability of potential customers for the sponsoring brand and ultimately provided lead generation for future opportunities.